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The MC Barber System is broken into 4 extensive modules covering scissoring, razor, clippers, styling/blow drying, as well as tools and equipment knowledge.

(Please note that currently only Module 1 - Scissoring is available, the other 3 modules will be released soon.)

No matter what stage you're in, this course is for you!

Here's how you'll benefit:

Absolute beginners:

  • Learn how to barber utilizing proper technique and muscle function
  • No matter what age or barbering background, a thorough breakdown of techniques and concepts makes learning accessible and digestible
  • By beginning your journey with the fundamental barbering techniques, you'll be able to adapt and develop subsequent styles of barbering
  • Having an instructor that guides you with 20+ years of experience instills confidence for immediate progress

Novice & Intermediates:

  • Implement MC Barber tendencies to your current barbering repertoire with ease
  • Build off of your foundations in order to progress and reach advanced levels of barbering
  • Improve techniques and form to enhance barbering skills


  • Learn how to design lessons and create unique digestible skills
  • Learn advanced variations of basic techniques to continually add complex layers to existing techniques
  • Fine tune your technique for ultimate precision and expand existing skills

Current & Aspiring Instructors:

  • Learn proper vocabulary, terminology and teaching methods with the MC Barber System
  • Utilize the course structure and chapters as a blueprint for lesson plans
  • Supplementary resources will further advance your knowledge as an instructor

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Do you know someone that wants to learn how to cut hair? Or someone looking to perfect their barber skills? Or even a barber that wants to start instructing? Then this course would be an amazing gift!

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Rising to the Top: The Story of a Talented Barber and Entrepreneur: Mehran Cecunianin

MC decided to pursue a career in cosmetology and barbering while also working full-time at his uncle's restaurant. He dedicated 80 hours of his week to school and work, with the goal of improving his life. After completing his education, he was fortunate to work as an assistant to Paul Mitchell international educator Anthony Quatropan and to learn from US Champions in men's hair styling from the 1970s, Tito Tata and Peter Labela, as well as from the 1984 world champion and current coach for the US international Men's Hairstyling team, Andrea Turisi. In 2003, MC opened his own successful barbershop, "MC Barber." He was blessed with three children, Adelisa, Hamza, and Ismael, in the early 2000s. In 2012, MC began competing in barbering competitions and won his first 1st place in the New England Barbers Association. He went on to win around a dozen more competitions, including 1st place in the CT Barber Expo in 2015 and 2016. The struggles and hard work of his early life shaped him into the passionate, hardworking, and family-loving person he is today.